I not only do well, but also help teams learn to do. Even better than I do. I share my skills and knowledge, also help team members share their skills. Together with team we'll grow faster and will reach more.


Стану наставником по разработке и программированию, как для целых команд, так и индивидуально. Сферы наставничества:

Back-End Development

XML/JSON REST and RPC services,

SOA applications with microservice architecture, monolith applications, backends for mobile applications, highload applications.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) and software design patterns.

Data parsing (HTML/XML) and massive data processing. 

Relational database design (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle)

Front-End Development

JavaScript, both client-side (Pure/Native/Vanilla, jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, VueJS, React) and server-side (NodeJS + Express, M.E.A.N. stack), LESS, SCSS.

Объем работы
по договоренности
по договоренности
625 / 15 мин